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"Paige provides excellent service to her clients. With Paige's help, I was able to take a full-time job and work my way off of SSDI benefits and still keep my Medicare. I even learned that I was eligible for medical assistance by working. Once I started receiving medical assistance, I was able to receive eye surgery that I could otherwise not afford, which helped improve my vision. I know that I can always call Paige for anything because she really cares about the well-being of her clients." - Christian Pickett

"Paige goes above and beyond to help her clients. She helped me find permanent housing and even furniture for my new apartment. After meeting with Paige for benefits counseling, I felt comfortable working my way off of SSDI benefits. I learned I could still keep Medicare and she helped me apply for medical assistance. I would recommend Paige to anyone." - Keith J

"Paige and I have worked together since the fall of 2009. During the time that we worked together, she was meticulous with all of the details of every case, whether it was assisting a client apply for Food Stamps or discovering that a client was owed benefits for which they were entitled to but never received. Paige handles each client with expertise, compassion and kindness; providing an atmosphere in which a client feels comfortable discussing topics that many would find difficult to face. Even though I’m also a CWIC, whenever I am asked something about which I am not 100% positive of the answer, I immediately ask Paige; and she is ever so gracious and patient as we discuss the case. Paige is the absolute BEST!!" - Steve Land

I first took notice of Paige Shepley years ago when she was just beginning to learn about benefits counseling. She called me with some questions about benefits, and I told her about a training I did for benefits counselors, but the next session was months away. A few weeks later, Paige asked me to review a benefits analysis she had written. I was amazed to find she had found my training materials and taught herself the calculations for one of the more complex benefits, and got them all right. Since then, she has always taken great pains to discover information her customers could use, and to master the details. Drawing on her background as a case manager, Paige has gone beyond the usual scope of benefits counseling to seek out numerous other resources that would benefit her customers. She has earned her reputation as one of Maryland’s premier benefits counselors by always going the extra mile through fierce dedication to her customers. For Paige, benefits counseling isn’t just a business – it’s her mission. – Michael Dalto, High Note Consulting

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